Western Union is Waiving Remittance Fees for Relief Money

Effective through November 30, 2013, Western Union will be waiving remittance fees to send money to the Philippines for disaster relief.  You have to use a special promo code, which is found in the link.  PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS.  It is not for buying toys for your nieces and nephews.  But it certainly should be used for toys for disaster victims.  And needless to say, money to purchase food, water, medicines, and essentials are far more important!

We will still use PayPal to disburse to new campaigners for security purposes, but we know enough about all campaigners active as of this post that we are confident in remitting to them using Western Union.  To this end, we will be evaluating on a case by case basis whether to use Western Union or PayPal.  The determining factors will be:  1) Urgency of receiving the funds; 2) Overall time frame of disbursement to receipt of cash; 3) Cost to campaigners; 4) Cost to Path 2 Us/Banshee Cloud.

Everyone should also consider that once funds are sent, they cannot be refunded.  Please read all the terms carefully.



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