We’ll Help the People of the Philippines RECOVER!

SCH087While this site was created in response to the Bohol Earthquake…it’s actually designed to provide person-to-person disaster relief on a GLOBAL SCALE. With a typhoon threatening not only the quake-ravaged Visayas, but also a good part of the country, WE WANT EVERYONE IN THE PHILIPPINES TO KNOW THAT WE’RE READY TO HELP!

Please let EVERYONE know about our site and that in the event of a disaster, we connect you and your family to people in the US and abroad ready to make donations. If you are in a disaster area and you want to help by delivering supplies or by providing other forms of relief, we can help you raise the cash to buy vital goods. If your loved one needs money for medical care, we can assist with fundraising.

We also can help you with your disaster recovery projects, covering funding of repairs, rebuilding, and economic redevelopment.

But before disaster strikes, here are a few links to online resources that can help you prepare:

For the Philippines: http://www.ndrrmc.gov.ph/

And while the situation is a little different in the US, we have always found Ready.gov a great resource on how to prepare for emergencies. We hope their site will provide you with useful information on planning for disasters!


You may find the Hurricanes section useful for typhoon preparedness:  http://www.ready.gov/hurricanes


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