Urgent: Medical Mission to Maribojoc

9_Months_pregnant_woman_ultrasound_iStock_000017435439Small_Alex_Raths-615x409We have received word from Dr. Elva Evasco-Auza that there will be a medical mission to Maribojoc, Bohol this Wednesday.   She is requesting financial support to purchase medicine and vitamins.

The mission will focus on pregnant women and Elva will be conducting ultrasound exams at no cost!

Please donate as soon as possible, so that there will be sufficient time to purchase supplies.  We thank you for your support.


photo courtesy of Bangon Maribojoc
photo courtesy of Bangon Maribojoc

This is our first donor-suggested campaign!  Our friend, Elizabeth Sales Ellefson had suggested a medical campaign and so we contacted Dr. Elva Evasco-Auza about this.   Elizabeth will be organizing efforts at the prominent Los Angeles hospital where she works and we encourage other medical professionals to do the same.  We will be providing resources to help you.  Please contact us for assistance!

Learn more about this campaign.


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