Typhoon Relief Mission To Leyte – In Tacloban

Courtesy of Dennis Saco.  Used with Permission
Courtesy of Dennis Saco. Used with Permission

We’ve just received the uploads from the Tacloban leg of Dennis Saco’s mission to assess the needs of selected areas of Leyte.   The photos will be posted later today.   They tell a story of unbelievable destruction and death.  People are wandering about hungry, dehydrated, in need of medical attention, and in utter despair.

The return trips to distribute food, water, and vital supplies have been planned and will soon begin.   There is no time to lose.  Even the international media are reporting that it will only be a matter of days before the effects of starvation, dehydration and disease increase the death toll further to even more tragic levels.

This team will bring relief supplies to many towns on the island of Leyte.  As you will see from the photos, they do not attract the same attention as the media and foreign relief workers.  While this certainly will change when they come back bringing food, they still have the advantage of being a group of Visayan Filipinos.  This has allowed them to make assessments of the local needs and make contacts without gathering a mob.  Under normal circumstances it is amazing how people’s behavior and attitude toward you change as soon as they realize you’re living in America.  Even if you grew up in their neighborhood.

With a distribution plan in effect, even down to the makeup of the relief packages, the team will be ready as soon as they can purchase the needed supplies.  This is where we come in.  They need your support.  Even if it’s just a dollar or two.  Remember:  $10 feeds an entire family of five for a day.

Learn more about Dennis Saco’s Mission:  Click Here!

Please don’t put off donating.  Please do not think sending a $10 text message will help as quickly as this team will require.  There are no levels of administration and layers of distribution for your donation to filter to.   There is just you and a direct line to Dennis Saco.  These guys are as real as it gets.  They did this with amazing speed and efficiency in Bohol after the earthquake.  Please keep up with them in their calling to do good.  Please donate what you can.

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