Typhoon Relief Mission To Leyte, Day Two Wrap Up

Dennis Mission to Leyte Day 2Dennis Saco has now completed two days of his mission to the typhoon ravaged island of Leyte.  He’ll be giving us photos and videos from his journey when he returns.  In the meantime, here are the updates he has transmitted.

They describe horrendous scenes of destruction and worse yet…human tragedy.  People who have not eaten in five days.  Families in despair.  Lost souls with no hope, forced under terrifying circumstances to commit acts of desperation.  Frustration at aid promised, but not delivered.  Indescribable sights that have left the team feeling utterly helpless.

Something must be done.  A totally failed distribution system has kept the large amounts of foreign aid from people that are even next to the airport.  We see that every time we watch the news coverage.  And yet here is a group that has taken action where apathy and paralysis prevail.  Dennis and his team have a solid plan in place, methods of delivering relief honed in the crucible of the Bohol Earthquake.  They know the area, they know what to do.

But they need funding.  You can judge for yourself from the sheer magnitude of the limited perspective you get from watching the nightly news.  Every little bit helps and yet there can never be enough.  We appeal to you to help.

Don’t just text a donation with your phone.  I have that number on my speed dial, but I certainly won’t use it now.   You can drop off clothing and toys, every little bit helps.  But will those get to the needy in time?   Your donation to that large charity will usually send at least 75 cents for every dollar overseas.  Hopefully more.  And the food may even make it past the greedy people on a very long chain of handlers.  You think that doesn’t happen?  Maybe if you close your eyes it won’t.   It’s your money and you can do whatever you want with it.

But for us, we’re putting our money on Dennis Saco and our dedicated campaigners. We know that whatever we can send him will buy supplies that go right to the people they meet.  And you’ll see it happen right here!





UPDATE: For those relief items coming from Bohol, the best way to course it is through a 6-hour sea trip via Medallion Shipping departing every 1PM from Ubay to Bato Leyte. From Bato, volunteers from Kananga Leyte have readied 6×6 trucks to pickup the items and facilitate distribution. Right now, we are waiting for Point of Contacts from these volunteers but for immediate coordination on this, you can reach Dennis Saco at xxxxxxxxx.

We were able to speak to him at 4PM today while he was at Abucay, Tacloban. He was asking for help. As he described it, the place is horrifying. Dead bodies decaying, seen in all sights. Survivors who have not eaten for 5 days have been pleading for food, water and shelter. Children have been seen in the streets looking for anything to feed their hungry stomachs, they’re dirty, wet, pale, weak. And now it’s getting dark once again. Total darkness. He felt helpless. The news says help is on the way. How long will these survivors have to wait? We hope and pray that when it comes, it is never too late.

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Another news from Sir Dennis Saco, the Philippine military men are doing nothing and just looking at the dead bodies lying around in Leyte. He said there was a father riding a bike with a dead child in front looking for a place to bury the kid, with the military men on the background doing nothing. He has photos that he will post once he gets here. The military said they won’t touch it because their families need to claim it. He was going around Tacloban City and never saw a distribution of goods except from our point person, Richard, who only has a few packs as of this moment. He said that now he knows what a walking dead person looks like. Residents claim that those “NPA’s” are just people from there that steal out of desperation to survive. Again, I have the same question, what is the government doing? Is this a way for them to shoo people away from that place? How about those who can’t leave because they don’t know anyone outside Leyte? Or those who are left with no families? All I can do is sigh of disbelief and frustration.

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Updates!!! wer now in baybay leyte to send some of survivor.. then will move back to ormoc for short sleep.. we will upload pictures and video to proved what i am saying…… warning its gruesome pictures.. .and wholesome pictures too.. for some sleeping men in uniform during thr duty.. wyl bodies at the st.

Dennis Saco


last update for tonight. guiaun eastwrn samar. only 10 perxent of ppopulation survive…
unconfirmed. will visit the area soonest.

Dennis Saco

Learn more about this mission to Leyte.

Volunteers in Leyte have trucks standing by to accept donated supplies.  Please be generous, so we can have funds ready for Dennis when his team needs them.  Your donations go directly for funding this group’s valiant relief efforts.  You’ve seen how well Dennis documents their efforts.  You will see exactly where they give out the supplies you help purchase.  This is your opportunity to personally send aid.  You’ll be helping not only the areas of Tacloban you see in the news…you’ll be assisting lesser-known and sometimes completely ignored areas!

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