Typhoon Relief Mission to Leyte, Day Two Dennis in Tacloban!

Dennis Saco is now in Tacloban!

As of 9:00 PM Local Time (5:00 AM Pacific Time) on Wednesday, November 13, 2013, Dennis is in Abucay Tacloban.

If you’re trying to reach anyone in the area, here’s a list of the areas where he has tested the signal strength for two of the local mobile phone carriers, Globe and Smart:

  1. Tacloban downtown – Globe & Smart – full bar
    2. City Hall – Globe & Smart – fluctuating
    3. Abucay – Globe & Smart – 1 bar
    4. Apitong – Globe – fluctuating; Smart – no signal
    5. V&G Subdivision – Globe & Smart – 2 bars
    6. Airport – Globe & Smart – full bar
    7. Ormoc – Globe & Smar – full barDennis recommends that relief supplies be shipped to Ubay-Bato Leyte through Medallion Shipping.  They have vessels departing at 1:00 PM daily.


Status quo in Tacloban: very poor mobilization efforts — “nakatambak ang goods”; location have few trucks; relief operations mechanism is convoy of 2 trucks per trip (1 truck full of relief; other truck, security personnel); relief operations almost not visible.    Recommendation for relief operations: To Tacloban – must have army/security group along with the relief items and volunteers. Curfew daily is at 8PM.

Thank you, Yes Tirol Dumagan for relaying this vital information!
Source:  CNN
Source: CNN

It is clear that Tacloban is constantly getting international media coverage and a massive contingent of foreign and domestic aid workers and supplies are flowing in.  Anyone watching a news broadcast anywhere in the world sees that.

Yet Dennis has confirmed what we had feared.  He has verified reports of poor coordination of relief operations.  In a city of over 200,000 some degree of miscommunication is inevitable.  But the situation in Tacloban is as out of hand as the living conditions.   We are so pleased that Dennis and his team are going to be working there.  They have demonstrated time and time again in Bohol that they are able to bypass the red tape and ACT in a swift and sweeping manner.  Many of you have seen his photos on our site of this team putting food, water, and vital supplies into the hands of real people who need help!

We appeal to our audience to donate immediately.  You have heard the desperate cries for help on television.  You have read about the horrific scale of this in the newspaper.  Now you have been given the opportunity to provide DIRECTLY to individuals in dire need.   The multinational efforts will help certain areas and their work is essential.  But this aid will only go to the people fortunate enough to be near or make it to distribution centers.  Dennis and his team reach out to as many people as they can.  We can’t give quality aid to everyone.  But we can start helping the lives we touch on a personal level!  Each and every one of us can do this through the heroic work of Dennis Saco and his team!

Learn more about this mission to Leyte.


The images and video here are from CNN.  Dennis will be providing us with photos and videos from his mission.  We look forward to what we know will be compelling images of this tragic situation in what once was will soon again be a beautiful coastal community.

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