Typhoon Relief Delivered by Dennis Saco and His Team!

Dennis Leyte Relief Mission 1While bottlenecks and politics severely hamper the distribution of the international relief effort, grass roots campaigns are making things happen. Dennis Saco and his team have delivered the goods and these guys get things done!

Here are just a few of the photos from Dennis, in the beautiful photographic style we have come to expect!

Dennis Leyte Relief Mission 2We hope this shows you how donating directly to Dennis through our site makes sure that your money goes right into the hands of heroic people who will buy supplies that they themselves deliver into the hands of those who truly need help. Super Typhoon Yolanda has torn through and devastated the Philippines. But it’s people like Dennis Saco who keep hope alive for the survivors and together with our financial support…the world can see the strength, resilience, and shining spirit of the Filipino people!Dennis Leyte Relief Mission 3

The next mission is about to begin! Please continue to support this wonderful team!  The people of Leyte need continued aid!

Learn more about this mission to Leyte.



Dennis Leyte Relief Mission 4







Photos by Dennis Saco.  Used with Permission.

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