The People of Maribojoc Desperately Need Shelter


1379678_10201600709472945_703169013_nWith the approaching storm, it will become even more important for us to raise money to purchase shelter for the people.  Many of you have heard stories of tents being donated and shelter being built.   Our understanding is that only a small percentage of people have been given tents.  A much larger number have be given makeshift shelters, similar to what is in this photo.

The fact remains that the majority of the population is still sleeping outdoors…with a super typhoon on the way!

Paul and Michelle are making an urgent plea for any amount you can send.  Remember that $30 will provide a tent large enough for an entire family, plus sleeping mats and blankets!

Bangon Maribojoc will be assisting in the distribution of the tents…but we need funds to purchase them first!


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