The Next Food Campaign: Antequera and Loon Added

Sandingan SuppliesThe drive to provide needed supplies for the starving people of Western Bohol continues.

Jerome and Elva are now expanding their efforts to not only include Maribojoc, but also Antequera and Loon.

This photo shows their first delivery of supplies about to be sent to Sandingan Island.  This isolated area is home to mostly fisherman and the supplies you see are among the first aid to go out there.  Yes, Sandingan has had no relief since the earthquake!

If you want to make a difference, this is where a few dollars can make a huge difference.  $10 can feed a family of five for a day.  How many of you spend that amount in coffee?

Please visit then share the link.  We’ve set this address to go to the latest in this teams campaigns to feed the people of the disaster zone!


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