Thank You Donors From Bakersfield!

Melvin Samaniego and Father Lenjenie Arcan do not seek recognition for their work.  And yet the people of Tapaz, Capiz cannot help but feel gratitude for the donations collected by Leilan Samaniego from the people of Bakersfield, California!

Salamat! – Thank You!

Salamat from Tapaz
Salamat from Tapaz

Tapaz, Capiz was a town directly hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. Melvin Samaniego decided he needed to help his neighbors. With his wife, Leilan coordinating efforts from their home in Bakersfield, California, their family is delivering relief packs to the people of Tapaz.  His team needs your support to address the needs of so many who have lost everything!

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