Tents On Their Way To Maribojoc, Bohol

Michelle Gelig Silonga has informed us that she was able to procure a shipment of 30 tents for the ORIGINAL price!   She has also found a good shipper with good pricing on shipping.  The supplies are expected to arrive in Maribojoc in 2-3 days.

These tents will immediately go to families made homeless by the Bohol Earthquake.

We’ll keep you updated.

Photo courtesy of Bangon Maribojoc.
Photo courtesy of Bangon Maribojoc.

Paul Gelig and Michelle Gelig Silonga are raising money to buy tents for the homeless earthquake victims of Maribojoc, Bohol.   There are still several hundred families that have only makeshift shelters, most notably in the outlying areas.  $30 buys a tent large enough for a family, plus sleeping mats and blankets.

Learn more about this campaign.

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