Tent Shortage


Photo courtesy of Bangon Maribojoc.
Photo courtesy of Bangon Maribojoc.

We have received word from Michelle Gelig Silonga that her primary supplier of tents is out of stock.  She has checked with an alternate supplier and they cannot meet the original price of 650 pesos.  Because of the demand from typhoon victims, the tents in stock are now selling for 1350 pesos.  Michelle is looking for other suppliers before purchasing at that price.  However, if she can’t find a better cost, she will be forced to buy fewer tents.

We are awaiting an updated count but it is estimated that there may be as many as 500 homeless families who have yet to receive any temporary shelter.  As expected, many of these families are in outlying areas, where no tents have been distributed.

We do know that Paul Gelig continues to receive requests for tents from people who are living in flimsy makeshift shelters.

In view of this, we appeal to our donors to continue supporting this campaign.  Their buying power may be cut in half and yet there are far more earthquake victims in Maribojoc in need of more reliable shelter during the rainy season!



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