Super Typhoon Yolanda Poses A Serious Threat To Bohol & The Entire Nation

rza4-7b854b2f3ec91c2b72f9f42b12bfe925be2b82f9-s40-c85Please pray for the safety of everyone in the earthquake zone…and much of the Philippines. And please consider providing much needed help at www.Path2.Us

 I just finished speaking with Paul Gelig. The heavy rains from tropical storm Wilma have subsided, he’ll be going into the town to assess the situation. He will be working with Bangon Maribojoc 2013 on the distribution of tents. In spite of reports to the contrary, only a few people have received tents from sources other than us. The majority of the population is still living outdoors. More than ever, we need to raise money to buy tents.  Please contribute at:

Typhoon Yolanda is expected to make landfall at Leyte on Friday, local time. Yolanda may become a super typhoon, with winds of up to 260 kph. It already is 600 km in diameter! This storm will necessitate suspension of relief efforts. We are concerned that many people do not have adequate shelter and many homes weakened by the earthquake may succumb to the storm. Typhoon Pablo killed over 1100 people last year, in an area not weakened by a disaster in the way the Bohol has been hit. Yolanda is forecast to be much stronger.

Paul will keep us updated for a long as he can. Communication from the area was already sporadic from the first storm. We anticipate even greater issues with the typhoon. I will relay all updates that I receive. Our immediate goal is to provide you with first hand reports from the disaster area in Maribojoc.

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