Super Typhoon Yolanda General Fund


Path 2 Us was created to connect individuals needing help with people with the means to help.  To this end, we have so far collected funds and distributed them only to campaigners that we either know  or have demonstrated that they have a history of directly aiding disaster victims.

Unfortunately, Super Typhoon Yolanda has left the hardest hit areas without reliable communications.  We are grateful to the individuals who have suggested resources to find such campaigners.

We know that many people wish to donate directly to campaigners as heroic as the people we have funded in response to the Bohol Earthquake.  Until we have identified such campaigners, we have decided to open our first General Fund to collect donations bound for Yolanda victims.  Our plan is that once we have someone in the area able to distribute relief supplies, we will award them the donations in this Yolanda General Fund.  If we receive multiple requests, we will allow you, our donors to vote on where the money will go.

Please be generous!  Hundreds of thousands have been affected and our mission is to give you an direct channel to help out!



Note that our updated format does not yet support anonymous donations.  Because of this, we have decided not post a donor wall in the interest of your privacy.  However, we are always committed to transparency.  If you want to know more about who is making donations, please contact us.  Of course, we will not disclose email addresses or contact information.   Campaigners will still receive the full list of donors upon disbursement of funds.

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