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What are Campaigns?

Campaigns are meant to be started by people in or near the disaster area.  A campaign is a fundraising event with a set goal and end date. Path 2 Us is designed to connect fundraising to any area in the world hit by disaster, both natural and man-made.

We recommend you set a goal in U.S. dollars that meets your needs. If you need to raise as much money as possible, please set a high, but realistic goal. You’ll find that campaigns that exceed their goals are very well received!

The most important thing to remember about the end date is that when the campaign reaches that date, we will disburse the funds to you according to the Terms and Conditions of the campaigns. Please know that you can create a new campaign immediately after the old one closes. This is good for any campaign raising money for consumables such as food, water, and medicine.

Suggested campaigns:

Short Term and Emergency Aid

  • Deliver food, water, medicine, and other essential and frequently perishable supplies.
  • Provide for temporary shelter for disaster victims.
  • Send ill or injured people to hospitals (frequently some distance from the disaster area).
  • Provide solar power to areas that are blacked out.
  • Provide cell phone charging stations.

Medium to long range campaigns:

  • Rebuild damaged homes.
  • Repair food and water distribution systems.
  • Rebuild hospitals and clinics.
  • Rebuild places of worship.


  • Startup capital for micro enterprises
  • Agricultural projects, such as independent farms
  • Sell products online to donors.

And pretty much any valid form of disaster relief aid!

Using Video in Campaigns

If at all possible, you should have at least two videos in your campaign:

1.  An introduction of yourself

2. When the goods or services are delivered, show yourself giving the goods to the recipient and show the recipient’s reaction!

This video has some suggestions:


So you can see that the actual campaign submission is not complicated.  If you’d like to start a campaign, click the button:


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