Solar Water Filtration For Bohol

Some of you may have seen the urgent post from Dennis Saco about the power going out in Tagbilaran, Bohol.  Apparently, the backup systems have failed and the primary power source in Leyte is understandably crippled.  We understand that the geothermal plants in Leyte are only running on backup systems since the typhoon.

Not only is Tagbilaran out of power, but the pumps for the water supply are out.  This leaves this city of about 100,000 people without treated water.

Pangangan Island, Calape, Bohol Solar Water Filtration System
Pangangan Island, Calape, Bohol Solar Water Filtration System

Dennis informs us that they are planning to build solar water filtration systems.  This photo shows a system that was installed on Pangangan Island in Calape, Bohol.  We will be receiving more information from Dennis and One Bohol on this project.  In the meantime, we want to immediately begin fundraising.  The people of Tagbilaran desperately need an alternative to their unreliable water supply.  It rains quite frequently there, so this is a viable means of obtaining drinking water, purified by modern technology.

This campaign is part of the overall effort by Dennis Saco to rebuild Bohol after the devastating earthquake.

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