Relief Delivery Plans for Dennis Saco

We wanted to keep you updated on the plans for delivery of goods by Dennis Saco and his B.R.I.D.G.E.S. group.

Bridges will be doing relief operation in samar leyte together with other Bohol volunteer group this saturday. Sir Dennis SacoMitzi LopezGiovanni Mascariñas

Below is the suggested READY TO EAT PACK by Anna Maris Igpit

1 tetra packed food(ulam king)
2 canned goods(easy to open can)
3 biscuits
1 liter mineral water

For bohol donors you can drop your packed relief goods in BRIDGES Headquarters.airport road tagbilaran city.atbang sa old coop hospital.

via Jaybee Salces

The plan is to send 500,000 packs to 10 towns on the islands of Leyte and Samar.  They clearly need financial assistance.  Note that each pack costs about US $2.50 at current exchange rates.  You can easily take care of several people with what you spend for coffee.   For the cost of taking your family out for burgers, you can feed ten people or more.  As you can see, it’s easy to help.  Please donate now…


Here is their project plan, courtesy of Anna Maris Igpit (click to enlarge):

Dennis Project Plan

As you can see, they need donations IMMEDIATELY in order to feed the starving people of the islands hit worst by Super Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan!  Please don’t put off donating.  You see on TV how desperate the situation is.  And you’re seeing only what’s covered by the news crews.  Many areas have yet to see ANY aid.

Learn more about Dennis Saco’s Mission:  Click Here!


Courtesy of Dennis Saco.  Used with Permission
Courtesy of Dennis Saco. Used with Permission

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