Recycling to Raise Money for Typhoon Relief

We are a team composed of 15 person we operate in isolated areas with one pick up truck. Our team divided into groups packing dispatching accounting food for our team.. We already dispatch goods during earthquake. And now we already dispatch some 3rd day after yolanda.. We sale trash to convert it into money because we saw a lot of trash during relief operation we pick it up after our disptaching of goods and sale it to junkshop even if its small but we can generate money and less impact to nature… We work balanced with nature.


Viator LibertLivre Napiere Lacierda, known on Facebook as Viator Libert is a man with a cause. Actually, two causes that address two urgent and not unrelated issues. It goes without saying that Super Typhoon Yolanda has left a path of destruction that has left incredible amounts of wreckage, block relief efforts and causing serious health issues. And for the survivors: Food, water, and vital supplies have become so scarce that many have not had anything to eat since the disaster.

Viator addresses this by recovering recyclable items from the shattered disaster zone. He then sells these items and uses the money to buy relief supplies. It’s not a huge amount of money…but when a relief package costs the equivalent of US $2.50, a single meal to a starving survivor makes a world of difference.

RecyclingWe truly are impressed with his approach to helping others. He provides a great service and I am sure that you agree that he deserves support. Viator is another heroic person going out and doing good at a time when the work of huge charitable organizations has become roadblocked by an ineffective distribution system. Like our other campaigners, he ignores the way everyone else operates and simply does what he can. He achieves more through inspired ideas. This is truly the spirit of what we do at Path 2 Us!

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We have an eco friendly relief operation… We help the victims and we help to minimize trash… What happened to our country is not GOD’s choice, i will blame it to the people including me…. We are the one who destroying mother earth and mother earth do too in order to survive for what we are doing so we still have a place to live in…. Rak en roll… We cannot stop climate change but we can minimize the effect if we live in harmony and balanced with nature…..


One Bohol volunteers and locals helping each other.  Leyte, Philippines
One Bohol volunteers and locals helping each other. Leyte, Philippines















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