Raining Where People Have No Shelter and a 5.0 Aftershock

Maribojoc Weather 11-11-13
Source: Weather Underground

If you’re watching CNN right now, you’d know that a storm is creating problems for the people in typhoon ravaged Tacloban. We wanted you to know that it’s also raining again in Bohol and it is expected to do so for several days. This is not good news for people sleeping outdoors or in makeshift shelters.

To add to this, we just received news that a 5.0 aftershock has just affected Bohol and Leyte and was felt as far south as Mindanao. If you’ve ever been in a major earthquake, you’ll know how this has disturbed a lot of people still recovering from the October quake!

Please help provide a tent, sleeping mats, and blankets for a family in need. It only costs $30.

Learn more at: http://path2.us/tents-destroyed-in-maribojoc/


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