New Campaigns On The Way! And We’d Like To Start Yours!

Start A CampaignWe are currently working with several groups to start more fundraising campaigns.  Several fundraisers throughout the impacted areas of Bohol are planning to avail themselves of this platform.  And we invite anyone with a need and a cause to join them!

This site is about connecting people.  It is about finding help.  It is about giving where it’s needed.  We’re here because we know that knowing where to give is often as hard as being in need.

When disaster strikes, sovereignty, borders, and socioeconomic status do not define the extent of destruction.   Calamity affects everyone.

So we have ways to use modern technology to transcend global geopolitics and economic constraints.  By connecting people here with people there.  To lend a helping hand the old-fashioned way.  Through making the entire world merely a great, big neighborhood.  Where neighbor can help neighbor.

So if you have a need, find a place here.   Set up a campaign.   Tell the world what you need.  And show us what you’ll do with  it.   Then people from around the world will come here.   And send you help.  With a click of a mouse.

And when they see how their money is used…by you…they’ll be there when and if you need more.

Reaching Out To Help

Photo courtesy of Dennis Saco. From the Facebook Album, 2nd day delivered food, water and medicine to 21 barangays.. Used by permission.

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