Medical Relief for Bohol


Medicines for Maribojoc

This is our first donor-suggested campaign!  Our friend, Elizabeth Sales Ellefson had suggested a medical campaign and so we contacted Elva Auza about this.   Elizabeth will be organizing efforts at the prominent Los Angeles hospital where she works and we encourage other medical professionals to do the same.  We will be providing resources to help you.  Please contact us for assistance!

According to Elva:

We need medicines and you can give blankets mosquito nets and toiletries.

[The relief workers] are asking my help now because they are all nurses and can only prescribe OTC drugs. So I am asking physicians to join them also.

After consulting with Elva, we will be setting a goal of $3000 for this campaign.

Although Bohol was largely spared from the most severe effects of Super Typhoon Yolanda, thousands of people living in makeshift shelters will need plenty of medicine.

Please help!

Learn more about Elva at:

You can visit Elizabeth on her Facebook page.


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This campaign will continue to support the next medical missions in Bohol.  In the meantime, we have already disbursed $261.00 for the Dec. 4 Maribojoc mission.


Note that our updated format does not yet support anonymous donations.  Because of this, we have decided not post a donor wall in the interest of your privacy.  However, we are always committed to transparency.  If you want to know more about who is making donations, please contact us.  Of course, we will not disclose email addresses or contact information.   Campaigners will still receive the full list of donors upon disbursement of funds.

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