Long May It Wave

577513_10201862669079798_1966221385_nAwful memories of September 11 are evoked by this scene.  With the ruins of Tacloban in the background, two flags of the Republic of the Philippines hang under still skies that a week ago came down with the terrible fury of what may be the most powerful storm to ever hit a populated area.

And nearby, a family sits in despair.   We saw this just weeks ago in the Bohol Earthquake.   There is no commerce, so there is no work.  There is no TV.  No computer has survived and even so, there is no power to run it and no internet available.  Even cell phone service is gone for most areas.

And so they wait.  Some wait with the hope that aid will come.  For many, it could still be weeks.  Others just wait.  Perhaps in total abandon and despair.

For now the people of Tacloban must wait.

But for some, that will change tomorrow.  Exactly how many is literally up to you.

Campaigner Dennis Saco is taking his team back to Leyte and Samar.   You can see on the news that massive amounts of international aid are not being distributed.   This team bypasses the failed distribution system by just going and doing good.  And they do this at some degree of personal risk.  They have proven themselves during relief efforts after the Bohol Earthquake.  Your money goes directly to Dennis and his team buys supplies.   You will see photos and/or videos of them delivering the supplies directly to people in need!

Please help them!  The Ready to Eat Relief Packs they have assembled from local supplies cost US $2.50.   It takes very little money to make a big impact upon people who have not eaten in a week!


Learn more about this mission to Leyte.

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