Janus Jasper Lim is Helping Baybay, Leyte

I am also collecting donations for Baybay, Leyte. I have a contact who is in Baybay and they need help there too. Thank you.


Janus Jasper Lim has someone who will assist him in bringing the same relief he brought to Bohol.

Destruction in Baybay.  Souce:  Rappler
Destruction in Baybay. Souce: Rappler

Baybay is a town of over 100,000 people on the west coast of the island of Leyte.  Being on the opposite side from Tacloban, it will probably receive aid well after it’s more publicized neighbor.

Janus has done so much for Bohol and now Cebu and Leyte.  During the aftermath of the earthquake, he perfected a distribution system that allowed him to help much of the population of Inabanga, Bohol.  Please provide him with the funds he needs to directly supply food, water, and supplies to the people of Baybay that have been decimated by Super Typhoon Yolanda!

Funds for this campaign will be collected as part of the Janus Jasper Lim Typhoon Relief Mission.


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