Janus Jasper Lim Has Suppies in Leyte

Supplies have arrived in Leyte, courtesy of Janus Jasper Lim. Please help them purchase more for the people in need! As many of you know, there is a growing food security crisis in the areas hit hard by the typhoon. Please help this team deliver goods directly to the survivors!

Relief goods already in Leyte. Will be distributed in Julita, Leyte near Palo.

Received a txt from my college cm8 who will be distributing the goods in Leyte, “Lisod pa mga taw dri. Hasta sa wa magrabehe nag shortage ghapon sa goods. Dawat ghapon help dong ha. Salamat kaayo.”

For those who still want to donate, pls PM. Thank you.

A lof of thanks to our donors. God bless you and your families. Thank you also Zea Maize and to ur mom for transporting the goods from Cebu and taking the courage to distribute the goods to those who are in need. Be safe!

Janus Leyte Supplies


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