Janus Jasper Lim Continues Earthquake Relief Efforts In Bohol

Delivering supplies to the people of Inabanga.
Delivering supplies to the people of Inabanga.

We have received word from Janus Jasper Lim that he will return to Bohol soon to continue earthquake relief efforts.  While he has answered the call to aid typhoon victims in Cebu and Leyte, some of his team has all along continued delivering supplies in Inabanga.

He will be returning to his home of Inabanga to deliver relief goods.  Missions are also planned for Tubigon, Buenavista, and Clarin.



Janus has done so much for Bohol, delivering relief goods to 45 barangays (districts) immediately after the massive earthquake.  We wish him the best of luck and strongly urge everyone to continue providing this heroic man with financial support.  Your donations go directly to him and he will use then to buy vital supplies for the people in need!

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