Help the Storm Victims of Butuan City

Tropical storm Agaton hit the Philippines in January and caused devastating flooding.  Rosario Manilag saw much of her neighborhood destroyed.  She is seeking aid for her neighborhood.

For the whole month of January we experienced heavy rains in our area until almost 2 weeks ago our entire area got flooded because of typhoon agaton, my neighboors house was destroyed by the typhoon and left us nothing.  My husband job is driving a motorcycle everyday but because of the heavy rains he was not able to drive, our daily income is affected since that I also don’t have work. This is the reason why I ask for help not just for myself but also to my neighbors who also in need.

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BansheeCloud's Agaton Floods Butuan City photoset BansheeCloud’s Agaton Floods Butuan City photoset

Please help her purchase relief supplies for her neighbors and for her family.  Any donation, no matter how small, will make a big difference.




Learn more about this campaign and follow updates.  Click here.


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