Help Sabangan and Batica Family and Typhoon Yolanda Victims in Basey, Samar

“Our lives could have no rainbow, if our eyes didn’t have tears”.

November 08, 2013 about 7:30 – 8:00 in the morning when Typhoon Yolanda change not just the face of my hometown Basey, Samar but as well as the fate of every individual living in the town.  I can’t help how my loveone’s, relatives, friends and neighbors fighting for their lives and trying to reach the safest area. The storm surge lasted for an hour but it took a lot of life and destroyed the houses not just in Basey but the entire Island of Samar and Leyte. As I go around the area of Basey I heard nothing but the crying and shouting from the people who have lost  their family including my own relatives and loveone’s.

We have just celebrated the 100days  weeks ago after that killer typhoon visited the area, and yet until today the place and the people haven’t recovered yet and we can’t help ourselves but to mourn over our losses and until now most of my relatives and neighbors are living in a tents while others are trying to rebuild their houses from what is left by the typhoon because it is indeed that the typhoon left us nothing but a tears in our eyes. But indeed, Typhoon Yolanda had shaken our place but it did not shaken our unwavering faith that along the way altogether we can still stand and by faith we can overcome over  all these adversities.  My mother is a native baseynon and her heart was torn apart over what happened to Basey.

– Tarcito Sabangan Almonia, Jr.

Donate directly to help Tarcito and his family and neighbors recover from the tragic effects of the most powerful storm in history.




See more photos:

BansheeCloud's Basey Samar Tragedy from Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan photoset BansheeCloud’s Basey Samar Tragedy from Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan photoset


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