Funds Sent to Michelle Gelig Silonga to Purchase Tents

Funds have been sent to Michelle Gelig Silonga to purchase tents for the earthquake victims in Maribojoc!   We will update you when the tents have been purchased and post photos of the tent distribution.

Michelle has requested funds to be disbursed in order for her to complete Phase 1 of this project and get tents, sleeping mats, and blankets out to people left homeless by the Bohol Earthquake.

And yet the latest estimate from Paul Gelig is that 80% of the population remains homeless.

Please donate to Phase 2 of this project.  Just $30 provides a family with a tent, sleeping mats, and blankets!  The rainy season is starting and Super Typhoon Yolanda has already wiped out all the makeshift shelters in Maribojoc that could not be put away before the storm.

Learn more about this campaign.

Tents for Maribojoc Disbursement 1


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