Funds Sent to Dennis Saco For Delivery of Typhoon Relief to Leyte!

Funds have been sent to Dennis Saco to purchase supplies for the delivery of relief supplies to Leyte.   We want to thank the donors who helped us double the amount of donations in the last few hours!

Mission to Leyte Disbursement 1

Dennis will take these funds and purchase Ready to Eat Relief Packs.  These packs will be distributed to people who desperately need them.  We will keep you updated on the status of the mission and you will see photos of the delivery posted here!

In the meantime, the sheer magnitude of aid required in the area  will require future missions.  The team is already requesting your help.  Please donate whatever you can.  Each pack costs only $2.50.  But they also have transportation costs to ship the supplies into the devastated disaster area!


Learn more about Dennis Saco’s Mission:  Click Here!

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