Donor-Proposed Campaigns and Grass Roots Fundraising

We’re about to put up a new campaign with different origins and as our little network grows larger, we hope to see more like this!

Reaching Out To Help Medicine DeliveredThe other night, one of our friends in the nursing profession, Elizabeth Sales Ellefson,  asked if anyone was doing anything specifically with medical relief in Bohol.  Since campaigner Elva Auza is a doctor, I asked her about this.  She outlined some specific needs such as medicine, blankets, and mosquito nets.   The new campaign will be up presently to raise funds for Elva’s efforts.  Elizabeth will be spearheading efforts at her workplace, a prominent Los Angeles hospital.

Meanwhile, we’ll be working on developing something many of you are doing on your own.  We made a new flyer that already is being used to tell people beyond the internet and social media about our earthquake relief efforts.  As in people in the real world.  Champions of our campaigns are telling people at work, their families, and churches about the unique direct connection on www.Path2.Us !   We are hard at work creating materials for people to give out and spread the word.  Please see the first flyer at

Going back to the new medical relief campaign, we are going to work with medical professionals in our network to develop specific tools that they can use to raise money.   Printable marketing materials like the Earthquake Relief Flyer are one example.  We heard other people want to show photos on their phones, tablets, and mobile devices to their friends and coworkers.  So we’ll be creating a mobile friendly album you can show everyone.  We always tell our campaigners to send us photos and videos because they are a very personal and vivid way of illustrating how badly help is needed.

We’re very inspired by this new development and will do everything we can to support everyone’s efforts to get needed funds directly to people in the disaster areas!  This is why we created Path2.Us in the first place!

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