Donations Received From Bakersfield

Patriot Donations 1Leilan Samaniego and her family have solicited donations from the generous students of Patriot Elementary School and the Nursing Department at California State University Bakersfield.  She, Melvin, and the family would like to express their sincere thanks!

My family and I were fortunate to be allowed to help our neighbors sort and prepare these items for shipment.  It was truly gratifying to actively participate on a personal level in one of our campaigns!

They could easily send these for free to the Red Cross, but have instead decided to ship this large volume of goods to their hometown of Tapaz, Capiz at their own expense.  We strongly urge everyone to donate to this campaign and help fund this important mission.  Leilan and I estimate that they could easily fill 15 or more balikbayan boxes with these donated goods.   We are helping them find the best price from a reputable forwarder, but at $65-75 per box, this will still be a significant expenditure!

And of course, Melvin and Fr. Lenjenie still need funds to buy food for the people of Tapaz!

Learn more about this campaign.

View these photos on Flickr.

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