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Is your family left without a home?  Was a loved one injured in the earthquake and you need help with medical care?  Do you need money to buy supplies?

Now you don’t have to wait for aid to come in…just start a personal campaign with us.

You can now go to and log in with Facebook or Twitter…or register directly with us!

Click Here to Start A Personal Campaign!

Once you log in, you will be be subscribed to our site.  Once approved, you will be able to create and edit your own posts to the site!

Before you register, you may wish to fill out the form below, so that we have some basic information that we can use to start your campaign.

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Terms and Condtions

1. By submitting a fundraising campaign, you agree to post photos and/or videos depicting your use of the funds raised.

2. If you do not post such proof of use, we reserve the right to seek a refund of the monies collected, plus reimbursement for any fees or damages incurred.  As part of our transparency program, we also will post the incident on this site.

3. We currently do not charge any fees for this service.  However you agree to processing fees taken from the proceeds by the payment processing service.  We currently use PayPal, in order to expedite any recovery efforts.  The full schedule of fees can be found at:

4.  As long as you are in good standing, you may submit other campaigns to this site.  This is recommended if you are supplying perishable items such as food as part of your relief efforts.

5.  You consent to advertising posted to your campaign by Banshee Cloud LLC and its assignees.  While our goal is to never have obtrusive advertising, some degree of sponsorship is necessary in order to cover the costs of running this site.

6.  Banshee Cloud LLC is not responsible for any damages resulting from your use of this site.

7.  You agree to conduct your fundraising in an ethical manner.  Failure to do so will be reported as part of our transparency program.


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