Delivery of Relief Supplies to Bantayan, Cebu

Suba Bantayan 2These photos are from the mission to Bantayan, Cebu by Janus Jasper Lim and his team.  Janus will be raising money for other missions to Cebu and Leyte.  He also is providing support for evacuation centers in Cebu, where many Super Typhoon Yolanda victims have been relocated.

This is your opportunity to bypass the inadequate distribution system that leaves pallets of food sitting in warehouses.

Your donations go directly to his purchases of food, water, medicine, and other relief supplies.   With many victims fleeing the storm with only the shirts on their backs, clothing is also important.  He also is collecting money to send to contacts in remote areas.

Please support this valiant young man.  Janus has done exceptional work in Bohol, delivering to 45 barangays (districts)!  Now he extends this drive to helping the people of Cebu and Leyte!

Learn more about this mission.  Click here.

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