COMING SOON: Art Sale to Benefit Victims of the Bohol Earthquake

James “Jim” Kuehne will be donating an original painting as the centerpiece of a raffle to benefit the victims of the Bohol Earthquake.  Just completed today, it will tentatively be  titled “Sunrise Prayers for Bohol”.   This unique work utilizes the technique known as Pointillism, created by using tiny dots of color to form the image.  It is a very painstaking method of painting and Jim spent well over 50 man-hours making this superb work of art.   And you’ll be able to enter a raffle to win it.

Tentatively titled Sunrise Prayers for Bohol
Tentatively titled Sunrise Prayers for Bohol


Jim signing the newly completed painting.
Jim signing the newly completed painting.

This work will be the grand prize in our very first Art Sale event, a raffle with proceeds to go to the victims of the Bohol Earthquake.

Jim also creates lapidary jewelry, so a pendant made of fossilized Asian coral will be the 2nd prize.  (While many coral and coral products cannot be removed from Bohol, Jim felt this piece from elsewhere in Southeast Asia symbolizes the beauty of Bohol’s reefs!)

3rd prize will be awarded to three different winners, each receiving a print of their choice from Jim’s line of for Pointillist paintings depicting the natural beauty of Bohol’s Panglao Island and Kawasan Falls on the island of Cebu.

Please check back here for more details on the Art Sale!

In the meantime, please support our current campaigns.  Help is still urgently needed!




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