Featured Campaigns

Lim Gives Out Food
Food for Inabanga

Makeshift Shelters
Tents for Maribojoc

Getting Aid
Food for Maribojoc


About the Campaigns

These campaigns have been started by individuals in the disaster zones.  Money you donate will go directly to the campaigners and we will use social media to verify that they are using the funds exactly as they promised to you!

Our campaigners cover a variety of causes.  Please review each one and donate to the cause(s) you feel are important to you!  To be unbiased, we list the campaigns in alphabetical order.

HINT:  The UPDATED campaigns are complete.  But they may be continued in new campaigns just like them.  It is necessary for us to close campaigns, because both the campaigners and the website can use the list of donors to reconcile the funds sent and received.

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