Campaigner Profile: Janus Jasper Lim & Bebut Estillore

“We’ve been distributing goods to those who need the relief goods And now we’re almost out of relief goods.” – Janus Jasper V. Lim

Janus and Florentino “Bebut” Estillore have spearheaded and effort to distribute to the various parts of the town of Inabanga, which is on the northwest coast of Bohol.

Janus Japer LimWhen checking their efforts on Janus’ Facebook page, we were utterly amazed at how much territory they have quickly covered in their mission to deliver quake relief supplies.

Meet Janus Jasper Lim. Don’t let his youthful good looks fool you.  This man is a real-life superhero,  leading a team that hits hard and hits fast.  They tirelessly deliver relief supplies to the northwestern Bohol town of Inabanga.

Bebut tells us his story:  “He started distributing relief goods day after the disaster struck Bohol,  with volunteers around neighborhood they repacked day in day out.  Mr Lim received donations it could be cash or in kind from friends or friends of his brother or sister but and from someone whom he hardly knew believing that their donations surely goes to the intended recipient  because they believe the capability/capacity of Mr. Lim a energetic young man who can lead with authority but with a gentle heart because he is a nurse by profession.  Thank you and God bless.

p.s. heard that they run out of relief goods and some mountain barangays are requesting him to deliver but unfortunately the stock they have now is not enough.  pls. help.”

You can find Janus Jasper Lim on Facebook.  Be sure to see how much territory he has covered and his constant updates from the field.


BebutFlorentino “Bebut” Estillore is helping to coordinate the efforts for Inabanga!  While Janus Jasper Lim mobilizes his team and drops off supplies the various barangays (districts) of Inabanga, Bebut makes sure they get all the support they need.  When Janus isn’t available, Bebut maintains frequent contact with us.

Bebut’s Facebook page is at:


These guys are doing great work, but they need more supplies!  Please support the valiant efforts of this team!

Their campaign to buy food, water, and supplies can be found here:




Relief deliveries by Janus Jasper Lim's team as of October 25, 2013
Relief deliveries by Janus Jasper Lim’s team as of October 25, 2013

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