Bantayan Cebu Typhoon Relief Update


Packing Supplies for CebuJanus Jasper Lim and his team are about to embark on their mission to aid the Super Typhoon Yolanda victims in Bantayan, Cebu!

In this photo, volunteers are packing supplies to hand out.  Your donations will go directly towards them buying the very same supplies you see.  $10 will feed a family of five for a day!

Source:  Rappler
Source: Rappler

Bantayan is a remote island off the northern tip of Cebu, in the Visayan Island group of the Philippines.  While Tacloban is getting most of the international attention, this beautiful island has yet to receive aid.  Although there are thousands of survivors in Leyte, not much is known about the aftermath of the largest storm in history upon the nearly 75,000 people living in there, aside from radio reports and military flyovers.

Yet it is clear that without aid, the people of Bantayan are in desperate need of supplies.  Please help this team, led by a dynamic man who has proved his abilities during relief operations for the Bohol Earthquake!

To learn more about this campaign and Janus Jasper Lim’s Mission, please click here.

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