Anyone Donating TODAY Automatically Enters The Social Connection Sweepstakes

We are going to give everyone an incentive to donate, in order to promote our campaigns, including Medical Mission to Maribojoc at

Effective IMMEDIATELY, anyone donating TODAY to any of our campaignsand the Bohol Earthquake Relief Art Contest will receive TWO automatic entries into the Social Connection Sweepstakes.  You may also go directly to the contest page to enter for free and earn additional entries!


At the risk of sounding like a bank commercial, we don’t want to leave out the people who have already entered.  So everyone who is entered as of this posting (including those who have joined the webcast event page) will receive TRIPLE entries!

We will also automatically add DOUBLE entries for all donors from the last 24 hours, since many of you had quickly answered the call to donate to Elizabeth and Elva’s campaigns!

And remember, anyone entering their contact information on the Sweepstakes page at will see a Personal Share URL and social networking buttons that they can share on their social networks to earn more entries!  You can earn UNLIMITED ENTRIES if you share with friends and they enter!

Sweepstakes ends at 9:00 PM Pacific Time tonight!



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